Space Station Earth

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A truly inspirational book written by Raymond Kros, that draws a loving and caring, holistic vision of our planet. A story of where we are in time and space.

This hypothesis, written by Raymond Kros, is an easy to read book that covers a wide range of subjects which will help you in your understanding of life while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Raymond deals with healing - hypnosis - dreams - prayer - reincarnation & resurrection, that gives a comforting awareness of reality and eternal life.

This is not a book about any particular religion, nor is it about magic or promises. It is, in fact, an uplifting vision of reality, of here and now and is aimed at the reader who thinks for himself.


What the readers say:

"Mind-boggling" – "A beautiful book" – "brilliant" - "Different"

"Inspirational, has given me an inner peace and sense of comfort not enjoyed before"

"Well put together"

"I now no longer feel alone in the dark"

"To me this is the missing link"

"This is the greatest gift I have ever received"

"This man is pure love"

"Conceptualises and condenses a great deal of information and thought, which creates a sensible philosophy"

"Easy to read and does not bog one down with unnecessary information"

"Allows one to think deeply and draw one's own conclusions"

"A sense of relief that there are other people in the world, who think along the lines I do"

"A must for all spiritual seekers"

"When I started reading S.S.E. I had a million questions, when I finished I had none"

"It is a brave thing to pen an autobiography as so little of one's life and experience can be committed to paper if we are not to fill a whole library with books!! And even that little will be read by each reader from his or her particular viewpoint and seen in a light other than that of the writer. We're a vulnerable breed!!

To share yourself and your unique viewpoint can only add enlightenment to the insights of others, all of which lends enormous fascination to our understanding of and experience of the human community and our interconnectedness.

Thank you so much for taking the plunge by going into print. I am sure many will enjoy the charm of the stories you tell"

- Harry - Anglican Priest

"I would like to thank you sincerely for the privilege of being one of the fortunate ones to get to read The Navigator.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book and concur with the adage that "We are spiritual beings enjoying an earthly experience"."

- Tony