A Soul called Raymond

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We are told in the bible that God is Love, yet we are taught that He is:

Angry, Vengeful, Jealous, Judgemental, Unfathomable, Dominating, Threatening, Punitive, Irrational, Abusive, Condemning, Fearful.

It is no wonder that the world is in such a mess in trying to follow the ways of our Father.

This book is another way of looking at God, by means of pure Love.

"I must say that once I starting reading I could not put the book down. I got hooked and to walk with you through the pages, as you took us along with you as you navigated through life's ups and downs, with a lovely sense of humour and yet with a deep profound spiritual like through your preparation and then maturing into the great person you are.

I found it inspiring and well written and yet stimulating as you sent us on our own course using the book as a companion to help us navigate our own course through life.

Your insights into the "churchianity" and christianity are spot on and it makes sense when Christ says His yoke is light and His burden easy. The churches have taken it onto themselves by hiding this simple truth behind dogma, etc making people feel guilty about things you don't need to feel guilty about to give themselves power to manipulate the masses.

Your book gives one the guidelines to navigate through this myriad of rules and show the way clear so we can reach our own full potential.

Well done and I hope and pray this book will be read by many and give the the enlightenment they need."

- Deks - Dentist