Our Books

bk01The first book,
Space Station Earth
, was published in 1993.

This is a loving and friendly book that gives the author’s understanding of why we are on this planet and what we can do to enjoy the stay.

(RRP - SA)   - £ 7.75 (RRP - UK)  - US$ 13 (Surface Mail - Airmail pricing on request)


bk02The second book,
A Soul Called Raymond
, shares with the reader a loving view on life and about a loving God, not the angry and vengeful God that some religions choose to profess.

It also gives answers to frequently asked questions about life & death.

(RRP - SA)   - £ 8.95 (RRP - UK)  - US$ 14.85 (Surface Mail - Airmail pricing on request)


bk03The third book,
The Navigator
, is an autobiography by Raymond Kros.

He tells of his life’s journey and why he has decided to make it his mission to challenge the teachings of the church which he believes do not teach the true teachings of Jesus Christ.

R120 (RRP - SA)   - £ 9.75 (RRP - UK)  - US$ 16 (Surface Mail - Airmail pricing on request)


"I particularly enjoyed the humorous aspects of your childhood and gained great respect for your innate ability to explore challenges and turn adversity into a prosperous and stimulating adventure.

The book will be circulated within our circle of family and friends and I am eager to hear their feedback. The text is both clever and witty and I was disappointed when page 141 was reached."

- Theresa - Creative Director

"It is a brave thing to pen an autobiography as so little of one's life and experience can be committed to paper if we are not to fill a whole library with books!! And even that little will be read by each reader from his or her particular viewpoint and seen in a light other than that of the writer. We're a vulnerable breed!!

To share yourself and your unique viewpoint can only add enlightenment to the insights of others, all of which lends enormous fascination to our understanding of and experience of the human community and our interconnectedness.

Thank you so much for taking the plunge by going into print. I am sure many will enjoy the charm of the stories you tell"

- Harry - Anglican Priest