About Raymond Kros

My primary focus in life – and, more specifically, through my writing – has been to speak the truth as I see it. It has never been my purpose to offend.

But, perhaps TRUTH can be offensive.

God’s love is UNIVERSAL and UNCONDITIONAL. These are not merely glib words, but they carry a grave responsibility. God’s love should unite all people, not divide. Ironically, this is what religious institutionalization – the creation of religious dogma – has done.

Religiosity causes not only division, but has also provided us with the majority of the wars throughout recorded history. Thus, organised religion has not united; it has divided God’s people (and made the back-room war mongers very wealthy indeed), subjugated nations and brought untold suffering through its bigotry, arrogance and despicable intolerance.

This IS truth. If this truth offends, then so be it. I deal with love, love for ALL people, not just those who subscribe to a certain creed or who observe the rituals of a particular dogma.

We flout the “Loving God” concept across all secular religions. If he is so loving, why then would He condemn those who “don’t believe in OUR God and His prophets” to eternal damnation? This is precisely contrary to the unconditional love of God – a universal, unconditional love for all of humanity, not the lucky few who happened across a particular creed.

This bigotry and arrogance must be challenged. It sickens me to see the “Fear of God” being taught and observed by so many. Why the need for Fear? Simple. Control! Doesn’t sound like a very loving God to me!

God is Loving. His Love is for all. We are all one with God. All of us. If we can recognize each other’s divinity and oneness with God, people would live in a permanent state of mutual respect, love and tolerance. Is THIS not worth writing for? I think it is.

To gain peace on earth, it is imperative that the church is reformed and goes back to the teachings of Christ.

The simple teaching of Love, Harmony and Eternal Life was the teaching of Jesus, but since the 3rd century, arrogance, elitism, domination and other evils have been added, making the teaching anti-Christ.

It is time to reform the church; some effort must be made to do this. I have put my hand up.

I mean not to offend. But if I do, it means that my message is working. The truth hurts. But, I bring it in love.

Yours in spiritual oneness


bk01The first book, Space Station Earth, was published in 1993.

This is a loving and friendly book that gives the author’s understanding of why we are on this planet and what we can do to enjoy the stay.

bk02The second book,
A Soul Called Raymond
, shares with the reader a loving view on life and about a loving God, not the angry and vengeful God that some religions choose to profess.

It also gives answers to frequently asked questions about life & death.

bk03The third book,
The Navigator
, is an autobiography by Raymond Kros.

He tells of his life’s journey and why he has decided to make it his mission to challenge the teachings of the church which he believes do not teach the true teachings of Jesus Christ.