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What is Michael Publications’s destination for YOU?

"In my criticism of the Church, I would like my readers to know that I believe the teachings of Jesus Christ is the greatest teaching brought to man/woman and I attempt to bring an understanding of this teaching."  Raymond Kros

Exploring Spirituality

At no time in our history has a spiritual path been more needed than in today’s precarious world of blind religiosity and Machiavellian politics. The books from Michael Publications provide just such a path for the reader.

All three books have been written to show people an alternative to the binding, controlling shackles of religion. Religion, historically, has created the understanding that people should be separated by race, colour or belief and has been the cause of hatred and wars throughout the centuries, whereas spiritualism will bring about peace and the knowledge that we are all one and that love, above all, will unite us.

The books are a good, loving, thought provoking, challenging, yet simple read. They will be accepted by those who have an open mind, but may offend (although not the intention) those whose beliefs are rigid and unyielding through fear that thinking out of the box may lead to an eternity in hell.

Spiritual is our concept of reality.

Spiritual does not, in this case, mean religious, esoteric or new-age.

Michael Publications is about spiritual books, not about spiritualism, but about you, the spirit that is now in body, the spirit that is reading these words. The spiritual is to bring about your awareness and hopefully guide your way.

You can ask yourself…

Am I a body with a soul?


Am I a soul with a body?


Am I scared of DEATH?


bk01The first book, Space Station Earth, was published in 1993.

This is a loving and friendly book that gives the author’s understanding of why we are on this planet and what we can do to enjoy the stay.

bk02The second book,
A Soul Called Raymond
, shares with the reader a loving view on life and about a loving God, not the angry and vengeful God that some religions choose to profess.

It also gives answers to frequently asked questions about life & death.

bk03The third book,
The Navigator
, is an autobiography by Raymond Kros.

He tells of his life’s journey and why he has decided to make it his mission to challenge the teachings of the church which he believes do not teach the true teachings of Jesus Christ.